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Lowering the risks of fatalities caused by vehicles

Vehicles are one of the most common risk factors, that affects the performance of individual workers as well as the overall handling of any task where there is a frequent use of heavy vehicles as well as light weight vehicles. Traffic can affect the work performance in a number of ways and is responsible for a number of accidents that can be a result of mismanagement of the traffic and an inability to control the unexpected happenings in any workplace.

Keeping in mind, all the issues and incidents and evaluating the number of issues caused in any working area, you can check if there is a need to restructure the workplace to reduce the risk factors and improve overall workplace as well as the safety of the workers. This is why HSR training includes an essential training to deal with such issues and offer traffic control training, dangerous goods training and Manual Handling Training, so that the HSR trained expert can help workers improve their safety measures and reduce the fatalities caused by the vehicle mismanagement.

The risks can be lowered with the help of proper traffic management plans. Through which you can plan the vehicle movements and monitor their movements in the workplace. Especially when the workplace is located on the road or in a place where there is a frequent usage of heavy duty vehicles. Also, it should be made sure that the vehicles move far away through a separate pathway and don’t have a chance to come in contact with premises where work is going on.

WHS training in Australia, offers traffic control and management training as well as Confined Space Training to couple both skills and monitor the traffic to lower the overall risks.

The risks can also be reduced by minimising the number of vehicles that are used nearby or during the work time as well as localizing the movements and defining the time when the vehicles can work and when the work area is free of workers.

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