Templates FAQ


What types of templates will I find on your site?

I sell the following categories: Female fashion figures (slim, 9-heads proportionate) Male fashion figures, Fuller figure templates (that don’t adhere to the 9heads proportions) kids templates, full-colour templates and  maternity figures. There are front, back, side and sitting poses. Check back again to see what new categories and styles are added.


If I want to buy colour pictures of completed fashion illustration or designs, how do I do that?

There is now a product called the Image Collection - Download 1000+ images of fashion related illustrations and drawings to inspire you. (These are not templates, they are illustrations and pictures of artist's work to be used for inspiration for your own)

Browse these images to find other fashion illustrators and designer's work as inspiration for your own, gather new ideas for themes for your new collections. Use these images to enhance your drawing/shading techniques, stick them on your storyboards as backgrounds or for mood boards.


Do the templates work with MAC?



What format are the templates in?

All the templates are jpegs.


What size are the templates? How do I resize them?

They are all in A4 size. Open a word doc and paste the image there, resize it by dragging the sides or double clicking on it and in the size tab reduce it by percentages and then print it out.


Can I use the templates for digital illustration?

Yes, any program that can import a jpg is compatible with these templates. E.g.: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator or Freehand etc.

Do fashion colleges allow the use of templates for study or entrance exam purposes?

Some colleges prefer this, since many design students can’t draw, and might jeopardise their chances of acceptance. You will be judged on your eye for proportions, and this is a great advantage to you to use templates with the correct proportions. Some fashion figure development exercises in class will not allow the use of templates, but they should mention that in the brief. It’s a very common practice for well known designers to use templates! I often get established designers buying from my site.


Why are the template preview images so small?

Since the templates are for sale, if I gave large enough images as previews, nobody would have to pay for them.


I live in the UK/US etc – can I buy templates?

Since this is an e-commerce site, anyone in the world that has a credit card can buy templates! Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express cards are all welcome. The site now offers Paypal - so you can wire transfer, e-cheque, use a debit card and use your Paypal balance to pay.

What is the delivery time?

It is an instant download; there isn’t any delivery – that is the beauty! You pay, and immediately you can download the poses of your choice – its very convenient and time saving. Nobody likes to wait for their purchase! If you don't download them immediately, you can log in (within 48 hours) again and download them later. I tried to download them later but it said they had expired?

Please send me an email and I will reinstate them for a further 48 hours. 


Templates Payment FAQ:

What payment methods do you allow?
Paypal is offered to customers as a payment option, you can also pay by PayPal Express Checkout and US based customers can choose to pay by PIN Debit.

Customers are able to pay for their order by using the following credit cards (or debit cards that can be used as credit cards):
    * VISA
    * MasterCard
    * American Express
    * Discover/Novus
    * Diners Club
    * JCB
All derivatives of these brands are also supported.

Im trying to buy templates, but it keeps asking me to log in:

You have to register to buy templates; we have done it that way so that you can come back later and download the balance if you don’t download them all in one go.

How much do the template packages cost?

There is a minimum charge of $10 - for 10 templates of your choice, thereafter $1 per template. T his is done in US$. Then into your own currency, there is no conversion fee imposed by the bank, other than the normal card fee that your bank may be charging you for the account anyway. What happens is that the bank systems will pass the US$ currency data to the card holder’s bank, which then does the necessary conversion.

What currency do I need to buy templates?

The templates are charged in US dollars, but it doesn’t matter where you live, the currency will be converted for you by the banks automatically – at no extra charge.

How do I download the templates?
A page will pop up with each templates link on it, you'll click on it and the picture will open up - right click and save these to your hard drive. There is a 48 hour validity period for this, for security reasons so its best to do it immediately! An email is also sent to your address, with the links on them. Please be sure to check your spam settings as often these emails bounce due to rigid spam filters.

Once I’ve paid for templates can I preview each of them first to see which ones I want? Yes, when you choose to check out, there is a previewer that will show you all your choices in thumbnail format. You can then decide to go back and replace them with others or checkout.

I've clicked ‘download” and nothing happens.

Double check that popups are not disabled on your computer. There should be a bar below your tool bar that displays “temporarily enable popups on this site” Click on that and retry the same template.

I ordered 10 templates and when I tried to open them it was just odd looking characters. I saved the files as a jpeg file. What should I do?

Please answer the following questions when emailing me:
1. What platform are you on: PC or Mac?

2. What operating system version: Windows 98, Windows XP, or Windows Vista?

3. What browser version: IE5, IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera or Safari?

Please help having trouble downloading templates, done as you say but all I have is four images of your "download" word.

Please answer the following questions when emailing me:
1. What platform are you on: PC or Mac?

2. What operating system version: Windows 98, Windows XP, or Windows Vista?

3. What browser version: IE5, IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera or Safari?


Copyright FAQ:

If I need to use images/material from your site, what do I have to do?

I created this site for sharing purposes, if you’re printing/saving the images or material for school work, then go ahead.  If you’re using it for commercial sites, MySpace or blogs please link back to me. Some of the info on the site is credited to other sites, so please ask first.


Submit Site FAQ:


I want to submit my site, how do I know it will be chosen?

Please look at the categories carefully; I would like to keep the sites that I post relevant to my current content.


Submitting Portfolio FAQ:


I've got some images to submit to your showcase page, how do I do this?

Send me an email requesting a portfolio submission; I will mail you back as soon as possible with an address for you to send your images to. I will always respond with a yes or a no once I’ve seen the illustrations.

What format must the portfolio images be? What file size?
They can be gif, jpg or bmp. Try to keep the file size below 1mb per pic, but I’ll be compressing them anyway for the site.
What are the selection criteria for portfolios on the showcase page?
Anyone can mail their work to me, however, I like to keep the content on this site superior, so if I feel the designer/illustrator’s portfolio needs improvement, I won’t post it up on the site. I’d like fashion templates to be a source of inspiration to others. This doesn’t mean you can’t try again once you’ve improved!

I’ve used the contact form to ask to send my portfolio, but nobody responded?

Often people email me and request an address to send their images to, but they make spelling mistakes in their email addresses through the form, this form doesn’t check that they are active accounts. Please ensure your email address is written correctly.


General FAQ:

There is an image on the site that isn’t showing, there is a red x or “this image does not exist certain link isn’t working etc:

Please report this via email on the contact page – I welcome reports of technical difficulties so that I can rectify them.


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