Male Figures

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Male Figures

Female fashion figure illustrations and designs dominate the industry, yet you need to have a good male fashion template in your set. There are a few male templates now added to our templates package for sale. The male fashion changes very slightly from season to season whereas colour and fabric dictates the changes. If you want to make it in the male fashion industry, you need to perfect your technical drawings, but a good male fashion template is still essential. Your fashion figure will be required for story boards, which rounds off any professional presentation.


Male Body Proportions (pictures are credited above each name) 
shuguru image               ullyarnt image                                                  

- ShuGuru                                  -Ully Arnt

dahnta image                                   ileana moreni                             

-Dahn Ta                              -Ileana Moreni                 


You must refer to the Nine Heads diagram as a guideline, but when you draw the male fashion template, you need to add more bulk and shape. Compared to the female fashion figure, the female legs are longer in proportion to the body, whereas the male has a thicker neck and squarer face. He has less shapely upper/lower body as his waist is thicker. There is far less definition between the waist and hips on a male. Masculine shoulders are squarer and broader. The arms and legs look strong and quite thick in male figures. Their bodies are stronger than females; with the build being more bulky and solid looking. The male figure template must look like it has large and developed muscles. Draw the chest line deeper, and not as a high small bust like the female fashion figure.


Masculine Faces (pictures are credited above each name)

patrick boyer image 1     ully arnt image 1     patrick boyer image 2                                    

-Patrick Boyer                                  -Ully Arnt                                 -Patrick Boyer


On storyboards containing both a female and a male fashion template, always remember to draw the male considerably taller than the female. This just illustrates a good eye for proportions. When drawing the male fashion figure face, bear in mind that the male lips are thinner, therefore there is no need to emphasise the shape. The hairline is placed higher and is drawn more prominently. The eyelids are not drawn in such detail. Masculine foreheads and jaw lines are larger and squarer than feminine ones. Draw the eyebrows heavier, more lower set and thicker than a womanís eyebrows. Sketch in some character lines; this will make give him a manlier look. The male nose is more dominant, with stronger line work. The ears are also bolder.


 -Rachel Mcswan - image


Masculine Hands and Feet

Male hands are boxier, square and broad, with the fingers drawn blunt. Male feet and shoes are broader, wider and shorter looking. Womenís feet are meant to be slender and petite. Male ankles are thicker and the soles are heavier on their shoes.


Masculine Postures

Your male fashion figure can swing his hands freely yet women are seen to be more elegant, therefore draw the maleís knees and feet facing outwards. The female fashion figure should always be a lady, with her feet predominantly facing inwards. The male form is less exaggerated as he stands head on. Men roll their shoulders whilst walking, but women sway their hips. Men use their wrists in a less graceful way than women do. When drawing the male figure - place the weight solidly on his heels; do not make the foot seem to be pointing. (see Kai Bardeleben - artist, left)


Male Clothing

The most obvious difference would be that male clothing is larger, as it should easily fit the frame of the body. Male garments also close left over right, for classic pants it should fit just below the navel point.

  nurit yeshurun image

-Image: Nurit Yeshurun


I have recently opened the site for guests to post their personal tutorials on the male anatomy. I think this is a good way to gain more perspectives on alternative drawing techniques, even if some of the tutorials donít necessarily cover specific male fashion figure drawing. Click the artistís name to learn more about them or to see their sites. Clicking the links below opens an enlarged tutorial:

Brandon McKinney


Please do not attempt to redistribute or copy them. Please contact the artists for their permission to use them on your personal site. More tutorials for male fashion templates are updated on a frequent basis.

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