Technical Drawings

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Technical Drawings


Technical drawings are also known as: flats, black & whites, diagrammatics or specification drawings. These types of drawings are used to demonstrate several garments used in clothing design. Using a template, the TD’s are drawn to scale, showing construction lines and styling details. This drawing would include stitch lines, collar types, style lines, pockets, trims and all sewing techniques. The aspects of the clothes must be labelled, for example, ”binding” or “saddle stitch” even if it’s obvious in the drawing. Imagine you’re communicating with someone who doesn’t know the manufacturing process.


These drawings for fashion manufacturing are always drawn from an anterior perspective, never at an angle. Consider this your only means of communication to the seamstress; if you leave out a particular detail, the garment won’t end up being manufactured properly. The details must be exact and clearly specified.


Free technical drawing templates are available for use on this website. Use these in the same way as you'd use the figure templates, excluding any parts of the body. Technical drawings are used for clothing demonstration only, not for storyboards.

Click on the image below to view full size image:


Use these CAD (computer-aided design) garment templates in the same way that you would use the figure templates. You can use it in Photoshop, Coreldraw or Freehand to do your fashion flats or technical drawings. You can even print it and just trace it off.

Working drawings may be drawn with your hand or using a computer program. It is not necessary to use the nine heads techniques in your flat technical drawings, as the body is not the focus of attention in this case.


It is better to use a 0.1mm pin fine-liner for this type of work, as it will create a professional finish when doing very finite detail work. It is also handy when illustrating stitch lines. I know it’s time consuming, but always draw with pencil first and then use the fine-liner. Use curves and rulers at all times to ensure symmetry.

Please note: You may use some creative ideas when displaying your technical drawings, it need not be dull.

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